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6 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your ‘Twin Pregnancy’

Does your ultrasound baby scan clinic confirm that you are expecting twins? Well, congratulations on your twin pregnancy!

Twin means you are carrying more than one baby in your womb, that also means increasing the high-risk pregnancy slowly. In that case, the doctor will follow your pregnancy closely.


Here are a few tips for a healthy twin pregnancy that you’ll find helpful.

1. Maintain A Healthy Diet:

It is important to maintain a healthy diet in pregnancy, mostly when you are expecting twins. During pregnancy, it is advisable to take a 300K cal /day. In the case of twins, make it double in numbers. That does not mean you are free to intake junk food. Junk food is like poison to your body during pregnancy. Eat green vegetables, 5 to 7 servings of fruits. Take prenatal vitamins, folic acid, iron tablets as well. Follow the diet your doctor provided. 16-26 kilos of weight gain during pregnancy is normal for expecting mothers with normal BMI.

2. Stay Active:

Join a yoga class or Pilates class during pregnancy. Yoga or exercise during pregnancy will keep your body fit and tone your muscle. It will help you to avoid back pain, body aches, and help you to have an easy labour. It is better to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise class.

3. Upgrade Your Knowledge:

Read twin pregnancy related books, magazines or journals. You can also download pregnancy apps which will help you gain knowledge of pregnancy and help you to connect with the other expecting mothers’.

4. Prepare For More Doctor’s Visit:

A twin pregnancy can higher the risk of pregnancy, in that case, the doctor will examine your condition more closely. Clear your schedule for more doctor’s visit.

Also, after 25-30 weeks of your pregnancy, you have to visit Baby Scan Clinic more frequently to make sure your amniotic fluid levels are adequate and your babies are doing fine in your womb.

5. Get To Know About High-Risk Pregnancy:

Twin pregnancy means you are at high risk. That does not mean you are in danger. It means you have to be careful all the time. High risk in your case could mean things like bed rest, preterm labor, and cesarean birth. Consult with a doctor about a high-risk pregnancy.

6. Prepare Yourself In Every Way:

Twin pregnancies deliver before 37 weeks. So make yourself prepared and get everything ready before 32 weeks of your pregnancy. Starting from baby shower to hire a personal nurse, prepare with everything before your due date.

Not only one! You have to deal with them both! Do not worry, you can do it.

With perfect planning, following guidelines, and with proper care, you can go through your twin pregnancy and welcome your healthy twins.

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