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Miscarriage: Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a very heartbreaking moment for those who faced it. Most of the pregnancy miscarriage happens due to gene abnormalities. There is nothing a pregnant woman can do to control it. According to the doctors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during and before pregnancy can reduce the chance of miscarriage.

If you are pregnant, make sure you avail all the pregnancy treatment starting from making an appointment with your gynaecologist to visiting baby scan clinic.


Here is what you should do to reduce the risk of miscarriage if you are early pregnant or pregnant.

1. Schedule Your Visit With Your Gynaecologist:

doctor talks with pregnant woman

If you are planning to conceive, make a schedule with your gynecologist. She will go through with all your medical history, your blood details, immunity, Rubella immunity, Rh-factor, Varicella, and syphilis. Though these do not have any relation with miscarriage. Once you are pregnant, it can’t be given. Make sure you have given all the shots before your pregnancy.

2. Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consuming:

say no to alcohol

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, if these harmful substances pass through your placenta, it will affect the fetus and will restrain the development of the fetus. During pregnancy consuming alcohol and smoking can increase 70% chance of miscarriage.

3. Control Your Diabetes:


If you are a diabetes patient, you should manage your diabetes level before your pregnancy. High diabetes level can lead to fetal contortion.

4. Eat Healthy Foods:

eat healthy food

A well balanced and healthy diet is very important during your pregnancy. Because the important nutrients and vitamins will come from that. Take folic acid, eat green vegetables, and fresh fruits regularly. A healthy diet can lower the chances of miscarriage.

5. Do Exercise:

exercise during pregnancy

Exercise will keep your body fit and keep your mind fresh. But don’t do strenuous exercise which will put you at risk. You can do pregnancy yoga, which can be beneficial to your body. Consult with your health care provider about the exercises you can do.

6. Stay Out Of Stress:

stay stress free

Stress during pregnancy can affect both you and your baby. Stay happy and relaxed as much as possible, which help you to have a healthy pregnancy. Yoga helps to remove stress during pregnancy. Extreme stress is also the cause of fetus malformation.

Make a schedule with your doctor in every two weeks while you are pregnant also do an ultrasound baby scan to make sure your baby is doing okay inside you.


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