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Animals And Their Young Ones – What Are They Called

Congrats! if you are expecting. Well, at first you should confirm their health with ultrasound baby scan clinic. These come handy to evaluate their overall growth and well-being. It gives you time to prepare for the upcoming baby as well. Picking a name is a good idea. In case you are much eager, it is wiser to get an accurate result from a gender scan clinic during pregnancy. It will help you pick the names much easier. But, now if you like the element of surprise, picking names for both boy and girl is great. But whether its a boy or a girl, human infants are called babies in general, until they reach the age of 5-7 years and we refer them separately. This thought had made me list some most common animals along with the terms we have for their young ones. So, read on and have fun, while you are all buckled upon with your own young one.

1. Dog’s young ones are called puppies


Man’s best friend (and women too) have the world most adorable babies that melt our hearts instantly. We call them as puppies.

2. Cat’s babies are kittens


Cats give birth to kittens, and usually in a litter.

3. Hen’s young ones are called chicks


Though it is catcalled to girls as well. The cute, little, yellow buddies carry this name more adorably.

4. Duck young ones are known as ducklings


This is an easy one to remember. duck+lings literally translates to babies of ducks.

5. Spider spreads its progeny of spiderlings


This 8 legged creatures to have similar naming strategies for their young ones, as the webbed feet do.

6. Owl babies are called as owlets


The owl babies are known as an owlet. The name itself sounds like ‘hoot, hoot’!

7. Pigs give birth to piglets


These snot-holders follows the same thread as their earlier mentioned species.

8. Butterfly brings caterpillar in the world


No, they are not giving birth to a different species. They just have a more interesting life cycle.

9. Young ones of Giraffe/ Elephant/ Cow /Buffalo are called as calfs


They have 3 common things among them. They all are vegetarian, they all have 4 legs and all their babies are called calves.

10. Babies of Tiger and Lion are called cubs


The non-vegetarians folks have followed the trend like the previous group and call their young ones as cubs.

Though these animals almost never take trips to ultrasound baby scan clinic the mother nature bless them with the health and wellness of motherhood.


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2 thoughts on “Animals And Their Young Ones – What Are They Called

  1. What an interesting blog. The way of writing was too hilarious. I would definitely want to know what other animals ‘name’ their babies


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