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Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy

As a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes responsible for every step she makes. Here are some basic guidelines to be followed. Contact with Window to the Womb, one of the best baby scan clinic in Aylesbury for prenatal scans.

Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy


Why Prunes Are Every Woman’s Best Friend During Pregnancy

Your diet during pregnancy determines the health of your baby. Prunes are an excellent source of nutrition for pregnant women. What are prunes? Prunes are one type of dried fruit derived from plums. There are several benefits of eating prunes during pregnancy. In today’s blog, we will discuss why prunes are every woman’s best friend during pregnancy. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the proven benefits of prunes.

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Encourage proper bowel movements

During pregnancy, ladies usually encounter irregular bowel movements that can lead to constipation. Prunes have fibre in them that make them good for improving bowel movements.

Provide relief from nausea and uneasiness

Nausea and uneasiness can happen due to multiple causes. Nausea and vomiting usually affect women during the first trimester. Consumption of prunes is an excellent way to get respite from nausea.

Good for baby’s vision

Your baby’s healthy eyesight depends on what you eat during pregnancy. Prunes contain beta-Carotene and vitamin A. These vitamins are crucial for improving your baby’s vision.

Prevent anaemia

An expecting woman is more at risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia than an average non-pregnant woman. 100 grams of prunes contain 0.9 mg iron and hence are ideal for preventing iron-deficiency anaemia.

Normalise the blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the severe complications during pregnancy. When your blood pressure is always at an abnormal range during pregnancy then it can lead to preeclampsia which might cause pregnancy loss or miscarriage in some women. Thankfully, prunes help in reducing your blood pressure levels so that they are always at a normal range. It is the potassium in prunes that help normalise the high blood pressure.

Excellent for boosting mood

Prunes can improve your mood swings caused by the pregnancy hormones. Studies suggest that prunes have worked in providing relief from anxiety and depression.

You can have prunes in whichever form you like but eating them in the solid form is always the best thing to do. You can add prunes in your cereal and dessert bowls. Also, you can drink them up by adding them in your smoothies for a healthy punch.

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Toothpaste Pregnancy Test? Is That Reliable Or Simply A Hoax?

Shout out to all lovely expecting mommas in Aylesbury. Internet is full of myths and facts but it is up to you which one to believe in and which one to take as a grain of salt. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, people have ample amount of time and are coming up with weird hacks and information. A toothpaste pregnancy test is something that is recently the talk of the town for reasons best known to the ones opting for this DIY test. I don’t know who invented this method and what mindset they have but there are people who believe in this homemade test and hence, I would like to confirm the reliability of this test for everyone’s benefit. 

In this blog, we will try to find if this toothpaste pregnancy test is yay or nay! So, let’s talk more about it. 

So, how to perform this toothpaste pregnancy test? Well, to try this test (be pregnant first, just joking), store your urine in a small container and add sufficient toothpaste in another small container, it really doesn’t matter whichever brand you use or what flavour it is, any regular toothpaste will do. Pour your urine stored in the container into the toothpaste container. Wait for any reaction or change. According to the ones who promote this test, if you are pregnant then there will be a fizzy reaction when you combine toothpaste with urine. In case you are not pregnant, there will be no reaction. 

Can we trust this DIY toothpaste pregnancy test?

Absolutely no! All of us have used toothpaste to brush our pearly whites and we very well know that when toothpaste mixes with water, that calls for a foamy reaction. It is because a majority of toothpastes in the market contain a foaming agent, preferably sodium lauryl sulphate to give that well-cleaned feeling after brushing your teeth (almost a large section of people believe that more foam means more cleaning). So, yes, this toothpaste pregnancy test is bullshit for me and I don’t want people to believe in such fake tests. Please don’t blatantly believe and give your nod to everything you read or see on the internet. 

In that case, how to confirm pregnancy?

Most women nowadays are using a home pregnancy test kit to confirm their pregnancies. You can do that initially but still, it is better to get confirmation from the right sources. Get your urine test report from the clinic and if the test results are positive then get ultrasound sonography from an ultrasound baby scan clinic to get more updates on your pregnancy.

If you want to book an ultrasound scan then click on Aylesbury’s ultrasound baby scan clinic

Which popular online hack sucks but people still believe in it? Let me know in the comments section below. See you later!

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Pregnancy: Choose A Flower And Know The Type Of Mom You Will Be 

Hello to all lovely pregnant mommas residing in Aylesbury! Hope you are eating well, taking enough rest, consuming multivitamins, and visiting your OB-GYN doctor and baby scan clinic regularly. Pregnancy is the period of curiosity; you are curious about whether you would have a boy or girl (check your baby’s sex from Aylesbury’s Best Gender Scan Clinic), what your baby would look like, and what kind of momma you would become.

Let’s have some fun today. Choose your favourite flower from the list and allow me to tell you the type of mother you would become.

So, let’s get started!



Rose, the symbol of love and passion. If you have chosen rose then you are gonna be the loveliest momma in the world. You will do anything to make your children happy and will share the strongest bond with your kids. Your kids will tell you everything as they would consider you their confidante.


unnamed (2)

Orchids are all about luxury and grace. If you have chosen orchid, you will be one heck of a classy momma which is a delight because classiness and parenting are antonyms. You are a no-nonsense kind of a mother and will demand discipline from your kids.



So, you have chosen Tulip huh? Tulips are just awesome, no matter whether they are yellow or pink. If you have chosen Tulip, it means you will be the cutest momma around. Your kids will love and admire everything you say and do. You have a forgiving and caring nature. As a mother, you will be the ultimate sunshine in your children’s lives.



If you have chosen Jasmine then that means you are close to perfect as a mother. You have a calm and sensitive disposition and are a total sweetheart. Your children will love you for your poised demeanour. You are gonna be a true rockstar in the eyes of your little ones.


unnamed (3)

If you have chosen Peonies that means you are the most compassionate mother in the world. No matter how many obstacles come in your life, you are always well-prepared to fight with them and protect your children. You will take care of your children just the way mother hen takes care of her chicks.

That’s about it. So, which flower shows your personality as a mother? Tell me down in the comments section below.

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Useful Advices For Pregnant Ladies During Covid-19

Coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). More and more people are testing positive for Covid- 19 in the United Kingdom. It is a difficult time for everyone around the globe. As a pregnant woman, instead of panicking, you need to be alert about everything around you.

My first and foremost request to all pregnant ladies is to be at home and avoid going out anywhere or be in close contact with someone who has been tested positive. Some cases of pregnant women who were infected with Covid-19 reveal that their babies had no effect of the disease while in few cases we have observed that the virus did hamper the baby’s development which resulted in a premature birth.

Since coronavirus is new and we still have no vaccine for this particular virus, all we can ensure is to be safe and practise social distancing or home quarantine till the matter resolves for good.

Here are some expert-approved tips every pregnant woman should follow during this crucial time.


Wash your hands on several occasions

Viruses hate soaps. Washing your hands on several occasions will ensure that you have clean hands. Wash your hands with a good soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Do not forget to wash the creases of your fingers thoroughly.

Practice self-isolation

It is imperative for all pregnant women to maintain social distancing. Do not go out anywhere until it’s an emergency, like visiting the medical professional. If you have a baby scan appointment, visit a safe and well-hygienic ultrasound baby scan clinic. If you’re going out for medical reasons, then always wear a surgical mask to protect yourself from the virus. Avoid entertaining any guest at this moment. Stay in a well-ventilated room and be safe.

Doctor vaccinating young pregnant woman

Get yourself tested

If you have symptoms, like fever, breathing difficulties, cough and fatigue then contact your nearest medical centre for the proceeding steps.

Always carry tissues

Cover your mouth with a tissue if someone sneezes or coughs inside the same room you’re staying in.


Practice cleanliness

The virus can stay on some surfaces even for three days. Always keep the surfaces sanitised and the house neat and clean.

In this tough situation, you have to be strong for yourself and your baby. Visiting your OB-GYN doctor and baby scan clinic is important and cannot be postponed even during this dire situation. Always be safe and alert. Take good care of your mental and physical health. This too shall pass.

Why I Chose Window To The Womb Aylesbury Baby Scan Clinic

During pregnancy, you just want the best for your baby which leaves no question of settling for less. I believe, in pregnancy, two things matter the most – your OB-GYN doctor and ultrasound baby scan clinic. As a matter of fact, they both need to be the best and trustworthy as they determine the success of your pregnancy.

Window to the Womb Aylesbury Buckinghamshire - Google Maps

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I was in the lookout for a decent ultrasound clinic to get my child’s regular well-being and development reports. I came across Window to the Womb Aylesbury and found it to be the right place for my USG scans. The clinic is absolutely amazing with a homely atmosphere. When it comes to infrastructure, they are top-notch, technology, they follow the latest ones, and price, well, it’s affordable! However, if you are pregnant with twins or triplets, you need to pay an extra charge of £25 or something due to extra scan time required. The sonographers are very understanding and humble. Mine was so patient even when I was asking her the same question every time (actually, I was shit scared). I went to the clinic for my gender-reveal scan and 4D scan (moving 3D images!). My gender-reveal report said it was a girl and I was amazed to see beautiful 4D images of my daughter on the computer screen.

Window to the Womb Aylesbury Buckinghamshire - Google Maps (2)

Well, I’ve many good memories from the place, Window to the Womb Aylesbury. It’s a special place close to my heart as it introduced me to my lovely little princess. I still remember the smile she gave us during our 4D ultrasound scan. So, for the ones who’re expecting and are about to get their first ultrasound baby scan, let me acquaint you with the ultrasound procedure a bit. First things first, always pre-book your ultrasound scan beforehand, either online or through a phone call so that you do not have to wait for long hours in the queue. Next, drink loads of water as you would have to keep your bladder full or else the sonographer could not get crystal clear images of your baby. Let me convey that you can only use the restroom after your ultrasound scanning session gets over. So, you got to be patient!

Rest, all is fine as long as you listen to your doctor and sonographer! Just follow their lead and have a happy pregnancy. You can book USG appointments online from Aylesbury Baby Scan Offers.

Animal And Their Young Ones- Volume 2

Whether you have a baby boy, or girl or twins, having a baby for us is a big deal. We do everything we can starting from taking medicines to visiting baby scan clinics to ensure its health and wellness and afterward we start picking names for them. We already discussed the terms we use for young ones of several animals in our previous section.

Today, we will continue our journey with a few more animals and their young ones.

1. Kangaroo Young Ones Are Joey

Kangaroo and baby

If you watched friends, you know joey si the foodie, lovey friend. but the young ones of kangaroos are also called joey. Funny, isn’t it!

2. Monkey Baby Is An Infant

Monkey and baby

We all have witnessed the way monkeys hold their babies, that is very similar to us when we hold our’s close, isn’t it! Perhaps that is why their young ones are also called infant.

3. Goat’s Young Ones Is A Kid

Goat and baby

Our children grow from infant to kids, right! Guess what, the children of goats are also known as a kid.

4. Rabbit Gives Birth To Kit

Rabbit and baby

Rabbits are one of the most adorable pets of all time. Their miniature versions are even cuter. They are known as a kit.

5. Deer Become Parents To Fawn

Deer and baby

The babies of deer are called fawn. The name fawn might also seem familiar to you because of the animal fairy from the pixie hollow

6. Sheep Young Ones Are Lamb

Sheep and baby

Sheep are known by all for their adorable voice and wool. Their babies are known as a lamb in their initial stages.

7. Horse Kids Are Called Colt

Horse and baby

The elegant horse is a great choice for riders and, the young ones, referred to as a colt, can be trained to form a very young age itself.

8. Donkey Babies Are A Foal

Donkey and baby

Though donkeys might not be your first choice of rider, you can not deny these little animals are great companions as well. Their young ones are known as a foal and share a close bond to their owners.

9. Fish Give Birth To Fry

Fish and baby

This one is quite funny. The baby fishes are called fry. It is going to pop up in your head the next time when you are feasting upon fish fry.

Now its time to turn to your baby and start picking a name to call them with. Thankfully, a gender determination from a baby scan clinic can be a great help in this regard.

How Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Help Fathers Bond With Their Child As Well

Happy father’s day to all to-be fathers. Next year, by this time you will have a small baby in your arms and then probably you will feel the spirit of the day a lot more. You are not alone if you feel that between this amazing bond of babies and mothers, often the fathers are left alone. It has been found that busy bee dads try very hard to make a nice living for the upcoming baby and thus are forced to spend quite a lot during the time of pregnancy. Today we bring an amazing way for such fathers to have an amazing bonding experience with their upcoming child. It does not require a fancy budget, just one session of ultrasound baby scanning service is enough. Let’s discuss more about it.

Father's bond with unborn baby | Father's Day

If you are an expecting parent, it is certain that you have already been told to get sonography to ensure the growth and wellbeing of the baby growing inside the mother’s womb. But these scans can do more wonders than that. Ultrasound scans offer a real-time session with your baby. These scans are available from the early weeks of pregnancy to late weeks as well. Though if you are looking forward to forming a bond, it is advised to avail is scan in the 2nd or 3rd trimester as by then the baby will be developed quite a lot. So during the scanning session, you can watch them yawning, smiling, suckling their thumb and so on.

You can hear their heartbeat and even confirm their gender with the help of gender scanning, which is available at most ultrasound baby scan clinics these days. In fact, you can pick baby names for both girl and boy while your visit to the ultrasound scanning season and upon knowing their gender, you can start calling them by their name accordingly.

Baby scan | Father's Day

In a nutshell, it is an experience that is certain to form a bond between you and your baby. Don’t forget to carry tissues as you will need them, so matter how tough you think you are (even if you don’t the sonographer will surely offer you the same). So, if you are an expecting father (or the even an expecting mother), consider enjoying the same for yourself as well. Book an appointment to a nearby good ultrasound baby scanning services and take a step towards bonding with your child like never before.

Animals And Their Young Ones – What Are They Called

Congrats! if you are expecting. Well, at first you should confirm their health with ultrasound baby scan clinic. These come handy to evaluate their overall growth and well-being. It gives you time to prepare for the upcoming baby as well. Picking a name is a good idea. In case you are much eager, it is wiser to get an accurate result from a gender scan clinic during pregnancy. It will help you pick the names much easier. But, now if you like the element of surprise, picking names for both boy and girl is great. But whether its a boy or a girl, human infants are called babies in general, until they reach the age of 5-7 years and we refer them separately. This thought had made me list some most common animals along with the terms we have for their young ones. So, read on and have fun, while you are all buckled upon with your own young one.

1. Dog’s young ones are called puppies


Man’s best friend (and women too) have the world most adorable babies that melt our hearts instantly. We call them as puppies.

2. Cat’s babies are kittens


Cats give birth to kittens, and usually in a litter.

3. Hen’s young ones are called chicks


Though it is catcalled to girls as well. The cute, little, yellow buddies carry this name more adorably.

4. Duck young ones are known as ducklings


This is an easy one to remember. duck+lings literally translates to babies of ducks.

5. Spider spreads its progeny of spiderlings


This 8 legged creatures to have similar naming strategies for their young ones, as the webbed feet do.

6. Owl babies are called as owlets


The owl babies are known as an owlet. The name itself sounds like ‘hoot, hoot’!

7. Pigs give birth to piglets


These snot-holders follows the same thread as their earlier mentioned species.

8. Butterfly brings caterpillar in the world


No, they are not giving birth to a different species. They just have a more interesting life cycle.

9. Young ones of Giraffe/ Elephant/ Cow /Buffalo are called as calfs


They have 3 common things among them. They all are vegetarian, they all have 4 legs and all their babies are called calves.

10. Babies of Tiger and Lion are called cubs


The non-vegetarians folks have followed the trend like the previous group and call their young ones as cubs.

Though these animals almost never take trips to ultrasound baby scan clinic the mother nature bless them with the health and wellness of motherhood.

Miscarriage: Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a very heartbreaking moment for those who faced it. Most of the pregnancy miscarriage happens due to gene abnormalities. There is nothing a pregnant woman can do to control it. According to the doctors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle during and before pregnancy can reduce the chance of miscarriage.

If you are pregnant, make sure you avail all the pregnancy treatment starting from making an appointment with your gynaecologist to visiting baby scan clinic.


Here is what you should do to reduce the risk of miscarriage if you are early pregnant or pregnant.

1. Schedule Your Visit With Your Gynaecologist:

doctor talks with pregnant woman

If you are planning to conceive, make a schedule with your gynecologist. She will go through with all your medical history, your blood details, immunity, Rubella immunity, Rh-factor, Varicella, and syphilis. Though these do not have any relation with miscarriage. Once you are pregnant, it can’t be given. Make sure you have given all the shots before your pregnancy.

2. Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consuming:

say no to alcohol

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, if these harmful substances pass through your placenta, it will affect the fetus and will restrain the development of the fetus. During pregnancy consuming alcohol and smoking can increase 70% chance of miscarriage.

3. Control Your Diabetes:


If you are a diabetes patient, you should manage your diabetes level before your pregnancy. High diabetes level can lead to fetal contortion.

4. Eat Healthy Foods:

eat healthy food

A well balanced and healthy diet is very important during your pregnancy. Because the important nutrients and vitamins will come from that. Take folic acid, eat green vegetables, and fresh fruits regularly. A healthy diet can lower the chances of miscarriage.

5. Do Exercise:

exercise during pregnancy

Exercise will keep your body fit and keep your mind fresh. But don’t do strenuous exercise which will put you at risk. You can do pregnancy yoga, which can be beneficial to your body. Consult with your health care provider about the exercises you can do.

6. Stay Out Of Stress:

stay stress free

Stress during pregnancy can affect both you and your baby. Stay happy and relaxed as much as possible, which help you to have a healthy pregnancy. Yoga helps to remove stress during pregnancy. Extreme stress is also the cause of fetus malformation.

Make a schedule with your doctor in every two weeks while you are pregnant also do an ultrasound baby scan to make sure your baby is doing okay inside you.